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As a specialist in international crude oil trading, KOMPTRADE is committed to providing you with all the assistance you need in your business to achieve your goals. From the phase of exploration of new oil fields to the supply of refineries, we put at your service our skills in the international oil trade. Take a look at our site and contact us today to make an appointment.

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KOMPTRADE is a company established in the United Kingdom and Luxembourg. We are active in the oilfield exploration phase and the commercialization phase. It is a global network that trades crude oil, refined products, natural gas,

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Crude oil is a natural resource whose trade is subject to authorization in the producing countries, in this configuration it is very important to consolidate the supply chain.

KOMPTRADE News: 26/04/2020, History will remember the date of 20/04/2020 as the day on which the value of the oil was negative, that mean producers paid "to get rid" of this commodity.
As a reminder, oil is still the basis of most of our industrial production.