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Some expert advice in Energy, Renewable Energy, Cryptocurrency, NewSpace industry.

KOMPTRADE's commitment is to respond sustainably to today's major challenges while bringing progress to daily life. The world is changing, the economy is being reinvented with new energies, innovations in biotechnology, materials engineering and new raw materials with high added value are appearing on the market.

  • Satisfy our customers and maintain their trust since this is our reason for being. Our innovative offers developed with our partners should help them to respond sustainably to current challenges (demographic, climatic, digital) while presenting progress in everyday life to as many people as possible.

  • Carry out our activities with respect for all our stakeholders and create value for our partners and investors.

Initially specialized in the international oil trade, KOMPTRADE is diversifying. We deal with stock market values ​​and futures contracts in fields as varied as carbon quotas and renewable energies, hydrogen, lithium, petroleum and especially the values ​​of the NewSpace Industry in which we specialize.

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